About Us

Conveniently located in Amarillo, the largest city in the Texas Panhandle

The expansive Plum Creek Campus encompasses an LTACH, Skilled Nursing Facility, and a Residential Long-Term Care Residence, assuring you seamless, safe, and well-coordinated attention through the various stages of recovery.

With deep and broad service capabilities, Plum Creek Specialty Hospital boasts:

  • 46 Private Rooms
  • A stellar staff that includes 18 ICU Trained Nurses for optimal patient outcomes
  • 4 Certified Critical Care Registered Nurses (CCRN)
  • PICC Line Nurses as core nursing staff

We are renowned for our Wound Care Program and proud of our wound care improvement score.

Delivering highly specialized subacute and skilled nursing services on the same campus, we ensure integrated care and seamless transitions for medically complex patients who unquestionably benefit from the continued medical supervision and clinical interface at the core of our multidisciplinary approach.

A Proud Member of the Concord Healthcare Group, Our Unwavering Commitment Is To Providing the Highest Quality Continuum of Compassionate Care.


Plum Creek Specialty Hospital